How to grow Youtube channel with easy steps


How to grow a Youtube channel with easy steps.

A common question arises in our mind that how to grow the Youtube channel. There are many steps but a few of them will really help you out if we follow them.

Follow these simple steps:


Whenever you create a video for YouTube, take the time to find the topic and don’t copy it by viewing someone’s video or post. Make videos on the best topics.

What is a good topic now?

A good topic is one where people are more interested and less competitive. This trending topic is what people want to see and hear more. Likewise, if you are making a video on a topic that has a lot of content and people are less inclined, then there is little chance that it will rank the video. Use the Google trend or the Google keyword planner to fetch it. Find the most searched words that people find the most trendy

Best Content:

  • Your content should be real whether the sound is clear, the speaking style is excellent. Avoid repetition of words or lines.
  • Whatever content you are writing or producing, you should have a grip on it. So that the reader or viewer thinks that the writer or the narrator is experienced, this way people will be sure and will come back to your site or channel.
  • Your style statement is so compelling and wonderful that the listener cannot live without watching your video completely.
  • Insert good quality ingredients. The material is of truly unique high quality. Not lied to, duplicated and copied.
  • Make people trust on your channel or website so you know as a brand.
  • Always communicate with relevant topics and don’t deviate from a real topic that will divert audience retention
  • There should not be anything or thing within 5 seconds of the video that starts to get bored and the video will skip. This will reduce your audience retention which is not right. If your topic can be completed in 5 minutes, then the length of the video should be equal.
  • A lot of YouTubers make a mistake saying at the outset that they subscribe to my channel and like and share, so please do not do this.
  • If viewers will not watch your videos first then how could he decide to subscribe or like and share your videos let them watch and decide?so don’t do not disturb your audience retention in the YouTube algorithm.
  • This will hurt you if your video is only 10 minutes And while Audience is skipping after 3 or 5 minutes, YouTube’s algorithm will assume that there is no tail in the video that causes people to skip. Now if YouTube is showing your thumbnail to a thousand people, doing so youtube will reduce your video thumbnail to 70 to 80 percent and onward.


It combines the titles, descriptions, and tags of your video. Titles reflect the content of your video, as well as the descriptions and tags that support the title. They need to be consistent.

If you are teaching how to create a website in WordPress then your title will be created website by WordPress It will also be written in the descriptions as well as the word will be written in the context of WordPress. Likewise, the use of WordPress in the tags will be compulsory as well as the use of WordPress within WordPress plugins, WordPress theme, WordPress customization, WordPress SEO, etc. All this will happen to anyone who comes to YouTube and writes WordPress to find your video rankings.


Thumbnail is considered the lifeblood of any youtube video that forces the public to click on your video link, so work hard on the thumbnail and make it so that the viewer cannot see the video.

The end of the video should only be on your original content and not on people to start saying subscribe to my channel likewise.

Note: Always make videos on Trending Topics so that people are interested and listen and listen to you in public.


Now the question arises that videos have been uploaded so how to share it on social media. The best solution is to write a relative line of your video that will intend the public to go on the video link. Keep in mind when sharing your videos link along with catchy lines that always share on relevant groups and media links so that interest people may go on your link.

These easy steps if we care of them we can be able to grow Youtube channel.

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