How to get pre approval for a home loan in Pakistan


How to get pre-approval for a home loan in Pakistan

How to get pre-approval for a home loan with an easy method to apply and get an instant loan for your business deals. required few documents to submit, it and after verification, you will be called to collect your money as soon as possible


About Kashaf Foundation:

Kashaf Foundation has been working for women’s empowerment in Pakistan since 1996. Discovery means miracles and revelations. In other words, it is a series of self-awareness through which low-income families, and especially women, become aware of their hidden potential and become financially empowered. Kashf Foundation with more than 235 branches is providing its facility in four provinces of Pakistan Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan. The Kashaf Foundation’s efforts over the past two decades have been well-received Acceptance nationally and internationally.



The best microfinance facility with dignity to alleviate poverty for low-income households, especially women, so that they can be part of economic and social change through the development of communication and business skills.


Kashaf business capital:

Provision of Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 75,000 for clients to expand the existing business which will be provided over a distance of one year. As well as providing capital for women with business skills and ability to run it who want to start their own business anew.

Up to Rs. 30,000 will be provided to such women


Kashaf School Capital:

This low-income private school program is a comprehensive capital facility that not only invests in school owners but also provides financial services as well as teacher training to build the capacity of school owners and teach administrative matters. Apart from this, the students of these schools are also trained in financial education. The amount is set from one lakh to three lakh rupees. The duration is from 12 months to 18 months.


Discovery trust capital:

Re-funding to bring back clients who are struggling due to business failure. The amount of capital in it is 25 thousand to 40 thousand rupees


Discover easy capital:

This investment is only for those clients who need an immediate amount of Rs. 15,000 on a small scale for their business, or want to cover any immediate financial loss. This investment can be obtained on easy terms and in a short time. Its duration is also one year


Discover life insurance:

Kashf Life Insurance facility is provided free of cost to the clients by Kashf which is financial protection for the death of the client or representative or permanent disability in a special situation and financial assistance of Rs. 5,000 / – for burial.


Discover healthy life insurance:

Financial assistance to clients in case of an accident or serious illness of their family members in case of examination or hospitalization by a qualified doctor, the current limit is Rs. 5,000 per person per annum.


Visit the Kashf foundation official website here!


Program Terms & Conditions:

  • Priority will be given to providing capital for women-led or inclusive businesses.
  • The client must be fully aware of the business and have scope for business expansion.
  • The capital will be used for approved business only.
  • Funding will be provided on an individual basis.
  • The amount of service charges and documents is only Rs.1.10 rupee/1000 rupee per day. which has to be paid along with installments.
  • A full return on investment is required within a year.
  • For deserving clients in case of emergency, there is a facility of concession in payment of capital with the approval of the head office.


Kashaf Foundation installment payment is available at Kashf’s office as well as at UBL Omni, EasyPay, Jazz Cash, and NADRA’s convenience shops.



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