MBA Entrance Verbal Ability Test for MAT, MAH CET

Q.  Some parts of the sentences in the passages below are left blank. Fill them with the best alternative.

We ….. reached the top of the pass. It was lined by a large ……. of rocks …… with white silk scarves and ragged prayer flags. We all took a turn round the rocks in the clockwise direction, as was the …... and Tsetan checked the tyres on his vehicle.

1 (a) immediately
(b) hesitantly
(c) finally
(d) currently

2. (a) cairn
(b) monument
(c) assembly
(d) shaft

3. (a) garnished
(b) festered
(c) festooned

4. (a) habit
(b) fashion
(c) etiquette
(d) tradition

a. 1- c, 2 - a ,3 – c,4 - d
b. 1 – d ,2 - b,3- a, 4 - d
c. 1 – a, 2 – c , 3- c,4 - a
d. 1 – d,2 – a,3 – c, 4 - b

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