MBA Entrance Verbal Ability Test for MAT, MAH CET

Q.  Some parts of the sentence in the passage below are left blank. Fill them with the best alternative.

All afternoon the usual line of tourists from around the …(1)….., had descended into the (2)……… rock-cut tomb some 26 feet …(3)….. to pay their respects.

1. a) universe
b) earth
c) country
d) world

2. a) airy
b) spacious
c) awe-inspiring

3. a) high
b) underground
c) wide
d) out of sight

a. 1- c,2 - d ,3 - a
b. 1 -d,2 - d ,3 - b
c. 1- a,2 - c,3 – b
d. 1- a,2 - b, 3 - c

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